“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  – Buckminster Fuller

Valuable IP has been voraciously eaten up by studios, producers and distributors. Many of the biggest franchises have recently run their course…Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings. This creates an opportunity in the marketplace. There is a desperate need for new ideas, new stories and new worlds. 

Dirk Hoogstra, Founder & CEO

Dirk Hoogstra, Founder & CEO

The marketplace for proven IP is highly competitive. Big studios, talent agencies and producers have first looks with book publishers to option the best IP. The timeline for book publishing is slow and the thirst for IP is insatiable. Triton City Entertainment is developing a new model as a fully dedicated creation studio working with writers, illustrators and digital creatives to bring several new worlds to life every year. 
At TCE, we build Digi-Worlds that live on our own online platform. Each world and story is created for the sole purpose of becoming a multi-year media franchise. We are hiring the most talented illustrators to bring our stories to life. We’re using social media to market the illustrations and stories to build up an organic fan base for each of our worlds before we take them out to sell or license to studios and producers. 
The team at TCE is passionate about this genre, and we want to bring more of these stories to life. A big part of our mission at TCE is to discover new creative talent from within the sci-fi fan base. TCE is currently hiring writers, illustrators and digital effects experts to help us bring these new worlds to life.



Dirk Hoogstra
Founder, CEO

Over the last 23 years Dirk Hoogstra has worked in the media industry as network executive and producer and was most recently Executive Vice President and General Manager of HISTORY®. In this role he was responsible for all aspects of the History business including programming as well as marketing. He began at History in 2007 where he developed and oversaw scripted and unscripted series including Hatfields & McCoys, The Bible, Vikings, Sons of Liberty, Houdini, Texas Rising, American Pickers, Counting Cars, Mountain Men, Top Gear, Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy, Top Shot and Men Who Built America.

Hoogstra began his career with Discovery Communications Inc. in 1995.  Over a ten-year period he developed and produced hundreds of hours of programming for TLC, Discovery Primetime and Discovery Networks International.


Anthony Macbain
Director of Illustration

Macbain was Director of the Illustration department at triple-A video game company Rockstar Games from 2012-2017, and an in-house artist there since 2004. Over a 13 year career with the company, he created high profile marketing illustrations and key art for nearly every game Rockstar released during that time, including Grand Theft Auto V which would become the biggest selling video game of all time. As Director and Artist, he assembled and led a team of illustrators developing unique and compelling art styles for multiple IPs, reinventing his technique with each title. He has lent his skills not just to the covers and advertising for these hugely successful games but also as concept artist, designing the look of some of Rockstar's most memorable characters from the company’s most successful franchises.

In his spare time, Anthony is a writer and performer of music. He has toured across the US and Europe. In contrast to working with a large group of artists on digital media products, performing in a small tight-knit group of friends has given Anthony the perspective needed to understand how collaboration, synergy, and having fun can achieve the highest quality of art.


Paul Weil
Art Director / GM

As Art Director, Weil is responsible for the visual presentation of the company, its IP and digital platforms from inception to production, and for sourcing new talent related to the creative strategy for cultural communication beginning with Anthony Macbain as Director of Illustration.

Previously he has managed post for an iconic American fashion label, published and exhibited internationally as an artist, and performed music in 17 countries through which he has amassed an invaluable pool of unique creators, artists and resources.


Jennifer R. Sherman
Director of Marketing

Jennifer is the Director of Marketing at Triton City Entertainment and is responsible for planning and implementing digital media campaigns for the company. Jennifer leverages her digital-first mindset to develop and execute the strategic brand vision. Jennifer has previous work experience in the business-to-business, business-to-consumer, technology and non-for-profit space. She has led integrated marketing and digital media programs to help companies increase their overall bottom line.


Brian Spero
Content Director

As Content Director, Brian oversees the creation and publishing of onsite and offsite content and marketing materials. In a career that began as a feature writer, interviewer and magazine editor and has focused in online content and cross-channel marketing for the past decade, Brian has worked for and partnered with some of the most iconic names in business and entertainment. He specializes in cultivating content with a consistent tone and unique point of view and developing strategies that help build and grow brands.  



"I was attracted to science-fiction because it was so wide open. I was able to do anything and there were no walls to hem you in and there was no human condition that you were stopped from examining."  — Octavia Butler