Something’s odd. Not a great way to wake up. There’s something on the back of my right hand. It’s, maybe, 6:00 am. My alarm will be going off soon. 

I pull my hand out from under my pillow and look. What the fuck? There’s a small metal cube on the back of my hand. It has clear sides and blue light inside of it. I touch it. It’s stuck. I can’t pull it off—my skin just pulls with it. My wife? My kids? Is someone playing a prank? Ok, I’m starting to panic now.

I didn’t know it at the time, but thousands of people around the world were have the same bizarre experience I was having. Turns out there are exactly 10,000 “effected” people in the world out of 7.4 billion souls. That’s 0.000001% of the population, a calculation I can suddenly do easily. This is where it starts to get strange.