Miners are working to load a large transport ship with ouj ore.

A single Paladin talks and jokes with the foreman. 

We focus in on two miners as they're moving a load towards the transport.

They signal to each other and one of them drops to the ground and starts convulsing. The Paladin attends to the fallen man.


Call the medical unit!

Miners run to seek help.

As the Paladin continues to attend to the miner, his partner in crime pulls a balak from a small bag.

His hand is shaking...killing a Paladin is unheard of...taboo.

The Paladin senses something and turns with his Tsuk.

He's blasted as soon as he turns. We see the shock on his face.

His arm is gone at the shoulder. The Paladin and the attacker are locked in a stare.


Finish him! Do it now!

We hear the second blast. It's hit him in the chest. We see from his eyes that he's gone.


They killed a Paladin! They killed him!

The furious miner picks up a mining tool and starts towards the attackers.

Another blast and the miner is killed instantly. A blow to the head...a gruesome sight.

The crowd of miners are terrified and in shock.


Who's next! You! You over there! Start moving towards the mine or you'll all be dead.

The hijackers lock the miners in the mine, board the transport and take off.

Mission accomplished.