From Wooly Mammoths To The History Channel To Sci-Fi: Dirk Hoogstra of TCE


How did Dirk Hoogstra go from excavating a woolly mammoth in Northern Siberia . . . to running the History Channel . . . to launching a sci-fi focused digital content company with an illustrator from Rockstar games? All part of the plan . . . sort of.


Triton City Entertainment CEO and former EVP/GM of History, Dirk Hoogstra, tells the story of an impressive career that’s featured its fair share of twists and turns. From paying his dues as an entry-level staffer and volunteering to shoot “behind the scenes” footage on a dangerous expedition in Northern Siberia to excavate a wooly mammoth to rising to the rank of award-winning executive at History Channel, Dirk’s tale is a lesson in hard work, perseverance, inner-confidence and innovation. He’s taken risks, overcome obstacles and collaborated with and learned from some of the most respected people in the industry. Armed with an impressive professional skill set and flanked by long-time friend and creative force, Paul Weil, and the ultra-talented former Rockstar Games Director of Illustration, Anthony Macbain, Dirk’s putting his cards on the table once again to launch this sci-fi focused, digital content company and continue to chase his childhood dreams.

Macbain recently completed his first wave of concept art for Triton City which is premiering on Deadline Hollywood. The artwork features the main characters from their first story, Dawn of the Paladin.